Newly Admitted Students

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Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to the College of Biological Sciences!

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, welcome to the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) at UC Davis. We are excited to have you join our college and want to make every effort to facilitate your transition to the university and to ensure your success as a student.

Many opportunities are available that will allow you to enrich your academic career here. Your involvement in those opportunities and willingness to engage full in the Aggie Orientation Experience are critical factors in determining your success at the university. The Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) is your one-stop-shop for all of your advising needs during your time as a CBS student. Make sure to stay connected with the BASC throughout your Aggie Orientation Experience, check back regularly for updates, and be on the look out for updates and communication from CBS.

Below you will find information that you will need to prepare for Aggie Advising, registering for courses, and Orientation week. Please take a moment to click through each of the following sections!

  • Preparing for Aggie Advising
  • 1. Complete Aggie 101

    Check your My Admissions Checklist for a link to complete Aggie 101, your online learning modules that share all of the details you will need to be successful as an incoming student and the next steps in your Aggie Orientation experience. Be sure to also check out the First Quarter Recommendation Tool!

    2. Complete a recorded CBS Pre-Registration Webinar
    View in Slide Show mode from beginning to access audio
    Pre-Registration for First Year Students

    Pre-Registration for Transfer Students

    3. Complete Placement Exams, as needed. CBS window for placement exams is May 4-11th.
    Chemistry Placement Exams
    Math Placement Exams

    4. Complete Pre-Aggie Advising Questionnaire found in the Forms and Petitions tab of OASIS
    To access the form in OASIS:

    a. Log into your OASIS portal
    b. Click Forms & Petitions
    c. Select Submit a new form
    d. Select "Aggie Advising Prep Questionnaire" and follow the instructions
    This form will help you and your advisor prepare for your advising appointment. Please answer all questions that pertain to you.

    5. Schedule your Aggie Advising Appointment
    First Year Student Appointment Window:
    May 26th-July 2nd
    Transfer Student Appointment Window: June 15th-26th & July 20th-August 7th
    How to Schedule Your Aggie Advising Appointment

    6. Prepare Questions for your BASC advisor as it relates to your first quarter schedule

    We are eager to partner with you throughout your undergraduate experience! Aggie Advising 20 minute appointments will strictly focus on first quarter course planning and helpful campus resources. Aggie Advising appointments will not cover long-range planning topics. Future advising appointments during your first quarter and beyond can focus on topics such as creating a two- or four-year plan, questions about minors or adding a second major, global learning and research opportunities, career exploration and graduate school preparation
  • Course Planning
  • You will want to balance your schedule – for your first quarter, this will consist of two major (STEM) courses, at the most, and one to two additional non-science courses. We do not advise that you start with more than two major (STEM) courses. 

    The two major (STEM) courses can be chosen from: Chemistry (WLD 41C, CHE 2A, or CHE 2AH), Mathematics (pre-17A, MAT 12, 17A or 21A) and Introductory Biology (BIS 2B).  It is not recommended to take all three major courses together, during your first quarter.

    A non-science course can be a general education (GE) class, a freshman seminar (FRS), or a physical education (PHE) class, for example. 

    Having a balanced schedule will allow you to adjust and transition successfully to being a student at UC Davis.

  • Preparing for Registration
  • You will receive updates throughout the summer from BASC advising and UCD office. Take your time to read through each communication for relevant registration information.

    Review your assigned registration (Pass 1) time in Schedule Builder
    : each student has a pre-assigned registration time during their Pass 1 windows.
    CBS First Year and Transfer Registration Pass Times are as follows:
    CBS First Year Pass 1 Windows: July 6th from 8AM-12PM or 1-5PM
    All Transfer Pass 1 Windows: August 10th and 17th from 8AM-12PM or 1-5PM
  • Registration Support
  • Register for your first quarter during your assigned Pass 1 time. If needed, registration support will be available.

    For technical issues, IT support is available at

    For advising related questions, please utilize one or more of the following:

                 1. Review Registration Support FAQ

                 2. Attend a live Q&A session with BASC advisors

    Q&A Session Description: BASC advisors will be available during your corresponding Pass 1 course registration window to answer any general academic advising questions you may have about scheduling your fall quarter. Due to a high volume of students and to keep response times low, we ask that you keep your questions focused. Advisors will not be able to answer questions requiring review of your individual academic record or questions related to quarters beyond this coming fall quarter.

    Email communication with the FAQ session registration link will be sent to all incoming students approximately 2 weeks before the session begins.

             CBS First Year Students Q&A Sessions
              Monday, July 6th, 8:30am to 11:30am OR 1:30pm to 4:30 pm

            CBS Transfer Students Q&A Sessions

              Monday, August 10th 8:30am to 11:30am OR or 1:30pm to 4:30pm
              Monday, August 17th 8:30am to 11:30am OR or 1:30pm to 4:30pm

    For complex questions beyond the scope of the Q&A Session, you can also email your BASC Advisor: the person you met with for Aggie Advising

    Continue to adjust your schedule, as needed, during four different windows
    1. Open Registration for CBS new students
    2. Open Registration for ALL new students
    3. Pass 2 for ALL students (Begin to waitlist)
        You can find your assigned Pass 2 time in Schedule Builder
    4. Open Registration for ALL students after Pass 2
        See the calendar here
  • Join BioLaunch Mentor Collective!
  • Interested in having a CBS peer mentor your first year? Consider participating in a CBS mentoring program called BioLaunch Mentor Collective!

    >You will receive an email before the fall quarter with details about how to participate. Please follow those instructions to get involved.

    > Once you are registered, you will be asked to complete a survey asking about your background, interests, and what you are looking for in a mentor.

    >Based on your answers, you will be connected with a CBS junior or senior, who has volunteered to help you learn the ropes at UC Davis.
  • Aggie Orientation
  • Attend Aggie Orientation events, including specific events for CBS students:

    Friday, September 25th from 4-5:15PM CBS Welcome! (ARC Pavilion)

    Sunday, September 27th from 9:30AM-12:15PM CBS Programs Fair (Green Space between Lab Sciences Building and Sciences Lecture Hall) - Stop by to learn more about our undergraduate academic programs, student support programming, and student organizations. This is another opportunity to meet with CBS faculty and advisors!

    Tuesday, September 29th from 10AM-12PM BASC Express Advising (Sciences Lab Building 1023)- Do you have a quick question that needs answered before the first day of classes? Stop by and ask a BASC advisor!

    UC Davis Orientation will be hosting a number of other events in addition to what we mentioned above, check out their website for more events:

  • Doing Well Takes Time and Effort
  • Doing well takes time and effort. The UC Davis academic experience can be very different from your high school academic experience. It is recommended that you study 2-3 hours for every unit of coursework you are enrolled in per week. For example, a 13 unit courseload will equate to 26-39 hours of study, which does not include the time you spend in class.  To do well, you should plan to spend at least 40+ hours a week attending classes and studying, i.e., a full-time job!
  • Life as an Aggie
  • See how current and former students describe their experiences of coming to college. Then, reflect on your own thoughts and feelings about coming to UC Davis. Your thoughts will help give future students a better idea of what to expect, helping to improve their transition.

    Please complete the Life as an Aggie activity by clicking on this link.

Take note of Important Dates and Deadlines for your first quarter

If you are an international student please see our International Students page!