UCEAP Courses Petitioned for CBS Major Credit

UCEAP Courses Petitioned for CBS Major Credit

Guide to interpreting the data:

The following spreadsheet contains science courses taken by College of Biological Sciences
students as part of UCEAP in 2015-2016. The majority of the courses listed were granted credit
toward a CBS degree requirement either as a restricted elective or because the course was
deemed equivalent to a UC Davis course already approved for the major. Some courses, where
noted, were denied equivalent credit. Other courses may have been taken in areas not tied to CBS
degrees and are omitted from this report. Examples of these courses include language, cultural
studies, history, and social science courses taken abroad. These types of courses can satisfy other
majors or minors and provide an exceptional educational opportunity. Consult with a study
abroad advisor to learn more about the types of programs you may be interested in.
Courses are listed by country, then partner institution. Details about each course came from the
MyEAP course catalog. You may explore the MyEAP catalog for other courses. Partner
institution catalogs, found through UCEAP program webpages, can contain expanded course
descriptions and learning objectives.

If a course lists “Not in MyEAP” as it’s CourseID, it is not yet in the MyEAP catalog. You can
use the partner course number to lookup more info from the partner institution’s website.

If a course’s equivalent UCD Credit is listed as “Not reviewed”, a CBS student previously took
that course but either did not request articulation or articulation was pending when this document
was published. Please contact your academic advisor for more info on these courses and the
articulation request process.

If an articulation was approved over 3 years ago, please follow the guidelines mentioned below
to request re-approval.

Please also read here for the “UCEAP Articulation Request” document for instructions on how
major credit can be requested for UCEAP courses.