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Undeclared Life Sciences

Undeclared Life Sciences

About the Program:

The Undeclared Life Sciences program allows incoming freshman students to explore their academic interests prior to major selection.  The Undeclared Life Sciences program aims to encourage students to learn more about themselves while exploring the plethora of majors at UC Davis as well as help to define and focus their academic, personal and career goals.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore major programs within, and outside, the College of Biological Sciences.
  2. Declare a major: As described in the UC Davis General Catalog, students must declare a major by the time they have completed 90 units. Failure to declare a major at this point may result in a hold on your registration, which will block the student from registering for classes.  

In order to declare a major, you must meet with your intended major advisor to discuss degree requirements and submit the appropriate change of major form.  

Resources for Undeclared Students: