Career Development Workshops | 12:10-1:00pm | 1023 Sciences Lab Building (BASC)

How to Find a Health Related Internship ♦ Thursday, April 25th

What Can I Do with my Bio Sci Degree ♦  Thursday, May 16th

Road to Research, Wednesdays, 12:10 – 12:40 pm, 1023 Sciences Lab Building (BASC)

Dr. Kassandra Ori-McKenney, MCB ♦ Understanding the complex kinase pathways that regulate the cytoskeleton during neuronal development and maintenance  April 24th

Dr. Johnathan Bragg, MMG ♦ Identifying genes necessary for development and the cellular physiology of developing cells ♦ May 8th

Dr. Wilsaan Joiner, NPB ♦ Sensorimotor integration in visual perception, motor learning and rehabilitation  May 15th

Dr. Jennifer Gremer, EEB ♦ Combines past and present data to investigate how climate change influences wildflower germination ♦ May 22nd