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Getting Involved in Research

Are you interested in finding a research opportunity? Are you looking for on-the-job experience via an internship? What do you want to do with your degree?

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the CBS Faculty and the work that they do. See below for links to various resources on campus to find answers to your questions about getting involved in research and research opportunities.

Road to Research Seminar Series

Are YOU interested in research? Do you wonder what our faculty actually DO day in and day out, why they do it, and how they got where they are? If you answered YES to any of these questions, come to the Road to Research Seminar Series.

Hear from faculty throughout UC Davis about their path to research, what they research, why what they study is exciting and what impact it has, and why they continue to do what they do! Our events will be announced via email and information will be provided about each speaker and their research.

Research Resources

Undergraduate Research Center: Provides support and guidance as you look for research opportunities. The Center also hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Conference.

Internship and Career Center: Provides assistance finding jobs on and off campus. Visit Handshake to find posted positions.

UC Davis Office of Research: Learn more about faculty research in all the Schools and Colleges as well as in more than 50 UC Davis-affiliated centers, institutes, and programs.

Aggie Transcript: A forum for students to discuss and exchange their perspectives on science and its role in society

Egghead BlogEgghead is a blog about research by, with or related to UC Davis. Stay connected to UC Davis research and discover why UC Davis is a premiere research university. View the latest research questions, methods, and discoveries at UC Davis.

UC Davis Medical School: search for "internship opportunities"

Marine and Coastal Sciences: Research and internship opportunities for students interested in Marine and Coastal Sciences