Genetics and Genomics


Genetics and Genomics

About the Major

The genetics and genomics major is designed to provide a broad background in the biological, mathematical, and physical sciences basic to the study of heredity and evolution. The major is sufficiently flexible to accommodate students interested in the subject either as a basic discipline in the biological sciences or in terms of its applied aspects such as biotechnology, medicine, and agriculture.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Describe the molecular and structural unity of life, explain how the diversity of living things is generated and perpetuated, and exemplify this diversity among and within life's three domains.
  • 2. Demonstrate knowledge of how genetics, biochemistry and direct observation are used to elucidate cell organization and function.
  • 3. Develop skills in applying quantitative methods to describe, evaluate and model biological processes.
  • 4. Demonstrate the ability to design and execute collection, evaluation and interpretation of experimental data.
  • 5. Demonstrate scientific literacy and skill in communication of scientific concepts, data, and interpretation using multiple formats appropriate for target audiences.
  • 6. Develop an in-depth understanding of key concepts in genetics and genomics and apply that knowledge to issues that impact health and society.


The genetics and genomics degree provides suitable preparation for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, research, work with biotechnology companies, medicine, and all the health sciences. It also provides an excellent background for students wishing to enter a graduate program, a teacher-training program, medical school, veterinary school, or other professional schools.

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