International Students


International Students

Welcome to UC Davis and the College of Biological Sciences!

The College of Biological Sciences (CBS) is unique in its advising because we provide a comprehensive approach at the Biology Academic Success Center (BASC).  Our Advisors can help you with:

  • Major and General Education requirements and options
  • Course planning and scheduling for your first year
  • Academic policies, regulations (including the grading system), advising holds, and petitions (e.g., Change of Major/Minor Declaration)
  • Classroom expectations, strategies for success and for academic difficulty
  • Transfer credit for courses, AP/IB credit, A-level exams, etc.
  • Resources for opportunities outside the classroom, such as research/internships

We have a dedicated International Academic Advisor (IAA), Jeff Davis, who works with all of our international students, regardless of major and year.  The IAA is your primary point of contact for questions regarding your class schedule, completing graduation requirements, academic difficulties, changing your major and many more services while you complete your studies at UC Davis.

For questions regarding your visa status, please consult with the Services for International Students and Scholars office.

  • Newly Admitted International Students

  • We in the College of Biological Sciences at UC Davis are happy to welcome you to our college and to UC Davis. To help you get a better idea of what to expect when you come here, click here. A requirement that you should be aware of is the American History & Institutions requirement. We hope to see you soon as a new Aggie!
  • New International Students

  • Whether you are coming from high school or another college, entering UC Davis can be exciting as well as challenging. “What should I expect when I arrive? What will be expected of me? What can I do to prepare?” To answer these and other questions, as well as help you plan for coming to UC Davis, the University has created the Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students. We encourage you to take time to review this guide.

  • Academic Advising Appointments

    BASC Academic Advisors are available to help you plan your courses, stay on track, and succeed in the College of Biological Sciences. Faculty (Master) Advisors can help you with career advice, research opportunities, and post-graduation planning. Additionally, undergraduate Peer Advisors, many of whom have taken the same classes you will be taking, are available on a drop-in basis to help you through the course selection process any time the BASC is open.

    The BASC Academic Advisors are available throughout the year on both an appointment and express advising basis. Current students can schedule appointments online here, and can also find information about drop-in times and topics. If you are a new student and the fall quarter has not started, you can call the BASC office at 530-752-0410 or email to ask questions and/or address any concerns/topics you may have.

  • Mandatory Advising

    All new CBS students are required to make an appointment with a BASC Academic Advisor during their first quarter. This appointment allows new students to get to know their advisor, learn more about University expectations and College of Biological Sciences opportunities, and ask questions. Students will receive email communications noting deadlines and other important information in preparation for Mandatory Advising. For more information, click here.

  • We encourage you to use OASIS, the Online Advising Student Information System, where you can find information specific to you, including: 

    ♦ Student information

    ♦ Important dates and appointments

    → Drop deadlines and Pass/No Pass deadlines

    ♦ Academic Record

    → Courses (including transfer coursework)

    → Grades/Grade Point Average (GPA)/Units completed

    → General Education requirements you have or have not completed

    ♦ GPA Charts and other tools

  • International student orientation is held in September. Prior to arriving, international students attend an advising webinar to learn about academic advising, course selection and registration. If you would like to review the webinar from Fall 2019, the presentation is available below. 
         Download Pre- Fall 2019 arrival International Student Academic Advising Powerpoint Presentation

    Download International and National Advising Presentation

    Download International and National College Overview

  • After participating in the new online webinar, students are encouraged to use the First Quarter Course Recommendation Tool (1QCRT), which assists in creating a fall course schedule tailored to each individual student. The Tool is meant to be just a guide, and students may find that they are not able to register for all the recommended courses. The CBS International Academic Advisor can then help students develop a fall schedule that will ensure success in the major.   

  • In addition to emails sent to CBS students by the major advisors, the BASC International Academic Advisor provides to all CBS international students a weekly (usually on Fridays) email bulletin, including important announcements, deadlines, cultural information, events and activities, and other relevant information. CBS international students are encouraged to check their emails for this bulletin.

    For questions regarding your visa status, please consult with the Services for International Students and Scholars office.